Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising offers retailers an excellent opportunity to earn additional revenue in their stores. With Streaem, brands leverage precise targeting capabilities without retailers losing control over what is displayed to valued customers. Setting up a DOOH network in stores is attractive for many retailers because of the various ways brands can advertise on these prime locations, resulting in an additional revenue stream.

Geographic and audience targeting

Streaem enables brands to target advertisements with great precision, whether it's individual screens, specific stores, broader geographical areas—or a combination. This ensures that the right messages reach the right audiences, leading to higher engagement, better return on investment (ROI), and increased revenue for retailers. Streaem also allows for day-time targeting, so brands can promote products during peak times or special events to maximize visibility and impact.

Control your brand

You maintain complete control over what is displayed in your stores. Set visual guidelines or approve specific advertisers to ensure that all content aligns perfectly with your brand image and resonates with your customer base.

Dynamic content

Display dynamic, interactive content that captures attention and engages customers. With Streaem, brands can showcase visually compelling content, including videos and 3D visuals, to create memorable shopping experiences.

Easy ad management

Managing ads with Streaem is straightforward and efficient. You can easily approve content and campaigns from advertisers through the user-friendly platform, ensuring that only the most appropriate and effective advertisements are displayed in your stores.

Bulk upload functionality

Streaem offers a bulk upload feature using store IDs. This allows for quick and seamless campaign setup across multiple locations, ensuring that brands can promote their products only and exactly where it's being sold.

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