Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising provides retailers with an excellent opportunity to earn incremental revenue in their stores. With Streaem, brands will be able to advertise with great precision without retailers losing control over what is displayed to valued customers. Setting up a DOOH network in stores is attractive for many retailers because of the various ways brands can advertise on these prime locations, resulting in an additional revenue stream.

Geographic precision

Streaem enables brands to select geographic locations—up to the level of specific stores and screens, to target the right audiences with their DOOH advertisements. This level of precision can lead to higher engagement and better ROI, and increased incremental revenue for retailers.

Control your brand

Brands will be able to advertise on screens in your stores, but you are in control. Set visual guidelines for advertisements or hand-pick specific advertisers to ensure the best alignment with your customers.

Dynamic content

DOOH advertising offers the advantage of displaying dynamic and interactive content, allowing brands to captivate viewers with engaging visuals and video's.

Easy ad management

Streaem is easy to use for retailers and brands. Keep control of the contents of your DOOH-screens with easy ways of approval inside our platform. Connect to brands about their proposed visuals and easily approve their campaigns.

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