Display advertising

Streaem makes it easy for brands to set up native display campaigns on your digital channels. As a retailer, you are able to define templates and specifications for all ads, maintaining brand identity across your website and app.

Selective partnerships

With Streaem, you can handpick the brands you want to work with. Select premium ad spots for premium brands, or customize every placement per advertiser. Enjoy complete control and flexibility.

Control your brand

Brands will be able to advertise on your platforms, but you are in control. Create templates for display ads that are in perfect harmony with your brand identity.

Connect all channels

With Streaem, you will be able to let brands show display ads on both your website and in your app.

Target precisely

Take charge of where and how brands advertise. Enable brands to choose specific audiences, keywords, category pages or search results. Each of course can be tailored for specific brands.

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