Sponsored products

Streaem simplifies the process of earning additional revenue through sponsored products. Enable brands to showcase their products in your online store while retaining control over business rules, product ranking, and relevance. Streaem seamlessly integrates with your product feed, making the setup of sponsored products a breeze.

Selective partnerships

Handpick the brands that can advertise with sponsored products. Exclude specific brands from premium locations or reserve spots for the most popular keywords and categories.

Control your brand

Brands will be able to advertise on your platforms, but you are in control. Keep your business rules and logic, such as personalization, merchandising and stock level rules.

Connect all channels

With Streaem, you will be able to let brands show sponsored products on both your website and in your app.

Target precisely

Take charge of where and how brands display sponsored products. Enable brands to choose specific keywords (broad and exact), or category pages. Each setting can be tailored for specific brands.

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