We are building a new monetization platform to connect retailers with their brands. This is a green-field initiative that incorporates multiple components such as a highly-scalable ad delivery platform, rich user-facing applications and a reporting suite.

The user portal for our platform provides a control panel and reporting capability for three distinct sets of users performing business-critical tasks so ensuring a performant, reliable and user-friendly experience is key. The profile(s) will be part of the team building this portal application, using modern web development tools and techniques to build not just the platform for now but also the base for our extensive future vision.

Key technical requirements

The portal is being built as a React-based user interface and Node/Express API layer, all written in TypeScript which are the key technical requirements. The platform is deployed into Google Kubernetes Engine.

Main technologies used

(we don't expect candidates to know everything)

● Styled Components
● OpenAPI
● React-Hook-Form
● React Query
● Google Identity Platform (Firebase)
● Cypress end-end tests

Work experience

5 years

Development experience

● Sound experience building rich JavaScript web applications
● Strong React and/or Node experience
● Experience with cloud platforms (AWS or GCP) would be a big plus
● Knowledge of Docker and container orchestration platforms such as K8S would be very useful
● Good familiarity with Linux

Relevant or preferred experience

● Awareness and interest in building secure systems
● Understanding of broader system concerns such as reliability, scalability and deployment mechanisms
● Experience working in an agile environment (Scrum) is highly desirable
● Knowledge of online advertising technology landscape is useful but not essential


● Design and implementation of performant and reliable web applications and API services
● Ensuring maintenance of high code quality through extensive integration tests in particular
● Working with UX designer to translate mock-ups and prototypes into reality
● Integrating the portal into the broader architecture

Sounds like you?