Retailer control

With Streaem, you'll have full control over data, inventory and which advertisers are allowed on your platform.

Inventory control

Streaem is tailor-made for retailers who crave precise control over their online presence. If you're a retailer looking for comprehensive inventory management, granular targeting, and seamless ad placement configuration, Streaem is your solution. We empower retailers of all sizes to take charge of their digital advertising efforts.

Advertiser control

With Streaem, you can set different access levels for different advertisers. For example, you can let prominent advertisers use prominent ad placements to stand out, or set rules for brand based on keywords.

Data control

Data control is crucial. If you're a retailer who wants complete control over which advertisers have access to your platform, and where and how they can advertise, then Streaem is designed for you. Furthermore, Streaem allows you to have full control over which metrics can be shared with advertisers.