What is retail media?

A new era in advertising

Retail media is the third wave of digital advertising, after the reign of search and social media ads. This approach empowers retailers to leverage their offline and online presence, allowing brands to connect with consumers in proximity to the point of purchase, whether in-store or online.

Retail media's effectiveness is driven by data, enabling retailers to leverage detailed user profiles to help brands target with precision. Retail media is especially targeting consumers in the moments leading up to a purchase, by using sponsored products, display ads and digital-out-of-home advertisements.

A golden opportunity for retailers

For retailers, especially those in low-margin industries like grocery, it offers a means to counterbalance the growing operating expenses associated with e-commerce. Retailers possess invaluable first-party data and closed-loop attribution, making their advertising efforts highly effective and contextually relevant. The scale of their audience further amplifies the potential impact of advertising, and the capability to address consumers throughout the entire purchase journey, from awareness to conversion, adds an extra layer of value.

For brands

Brands are increasingly redirecting their advertising budgets towards platforms that can yield tangible results, like retail media. With declining traditional advertising reach and cookie-based advertising facing its challenges, brands are actively seeking alternative strategies. The surge in e-commerce and in-store digitization makes retail media an increasingly attractive avenue for influencing consumer behavior.

Let's Streaem

Streaem's retail media platform emerges as a bridge that brings retailers and brands together, creating a win-win scenario that capitalizes on the evolving nature of consumer engagement and sets the stage for a new era in advertising.