What is Streaem?

Welcome to Streaem, where retailers effortlessly harness the power of their online and in-store inventory. Our platform simplifies the process of working with brands and advertisers, adding value while maintaining control over data and ensuring privacy. With Streaem, retailers have the tools to maximize their media potential while keeping their data safe and secure. Explore the possibilities of retail media with us today.

Unlocking opportunities of retail media

New advertising opportunities

Digitization brings new touchpoints for brands and advertisers in and around their stores, and on web & app.

A $100+ billion media opportunity for retailers

The total global retail media spend will hit $160 billion by 2027, growing over 60% in 5 years.

Retail media is already very profitable

Retail media accounts for over 65% of Amazon's and 12% of Walmart's profit.

Monetize highly valuable first-party data

Use the value of first-party data to create high-margin advertising revenue to stay healthy and competitive.

Streaem connects brands and retailers

Enable brands to run omni channel campaigns on your commerce channels, while you stay in full control over your data & customer experience.

Sponsored products

Let brands easily run sponsored product campaigns on your commerce platforms, while you stay in control over inventory.

Display advertising

Let brands set up native display campaigns with the ease of few clicks, while you stay in full control of your brand identiy.

Digital out of Home

Enable seamless digital-out-of-home advertising campaigns for brands, allowing you to retain full control over premium ad placements.

Streaem's data promises

We don't mess with your data, ever.


We do not mess with your data. The Streaem solution is fully transparent.


You have full control over your data & customer experience.


Your data is only used for your monetisation purposes.


Auction engine

Empower advertisers with real-time bidding capabilities, facilitating dynamic buying and selling of ad inventory.

Campaign management

Empower advertisers to efficiently plan, execute, and monitor advertising campaigns, encompassing ad creation, precise targeting, budget allocation, and scheduling functionalities.

Reporting suite

Equip advertisers with actionable insights on campaign performance, including metrics like impressions, clicks and conversions.

Content templates & feed handler

Streamline ad content management by offering pre-designed templates and automating content updates through a feed handler, ensuring consistency and relevance across campaigns.

Inventory management & control

Provide users with precise oversight of their ad inventory by tracking available ad space, pricing, and allocation to campaigns, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Optimisation engine

Dynamically optimize advertising campaigns in real-time by analyzing performance metrics and adjusting targeting, bidding, and creative elements to maximize effectiveness and ROI.



Offer brands prime advertising space on your website, maximizing their visibility and engagement with your online audience.


Showcase brands within your app, providing them with a direct channel to reach your engaged user base and drive conversions.

In-store screens

Utilize your digital screens in physical stores to offer brands a powerful advertising platform to reach and engage with your customers directly.

Digital magazines

Enabling brands to showcase sponsored products directly within your digital catalogs, expanding audience reach and engagement opportunities.


Feature targeted promotions and content from brands in your email campaigns to drive traffic and sales.

and more...

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